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The PTSD Practitioner Registry: An Innovative Tracking, Dissemination, and Support Tool for Providers in Military and Nonmilitary Settings

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Palo Alto Veterans for Research and Education Palo Alto United States

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The PTSD Practitioner Exchange is an innovative research project for clinicians in three service sectorsthe VA, DoD, and the communitywhich aims to disseminate the most recent clinically relevant information and resources supporting delivery of key practices endorsed in the VA-DoD Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of PTSD to support clinician well-being and to identify factors enabling the implementation of clinical best practices in the treatment of PTSD. In order to provide this Exchange a two-phase study will be conducted. In Phase I, qualitative interviews are being conducted with 60 providers to assess practitioner needs and interests in the registry as well as pre-test the proposed registry survey. In Phase II, an RCT will be conducted to evaluate the impact of registry participation on practicesCPG awareness, receptivity and implementation. To date, the study team has completed more than 23 of the qualitative interviews ahead of schedule, and we are pre-testing the survey instrument. Phase II is planned to begin at the end of Q1 2016.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,29 Sep 2015



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