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Light Utility Vehicle Wheeled (LUVW) Project Human Factors Analysis

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Humansystems, lncorporated Guelph, ON Canada

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Within the Canadian Land Force, light, highly mobile vehicles are required to facilitate the tactical command of combat, combat support and combat service support units of the field formations. The aim of this project was to establish the key human factors HF vehicle criteria necessary to ensure that the Request For Proposal RFP released to industry incorporated humna-centered design criteria for maximum benefit to the vehicle user groups i.e. the soldiers. The scope of work included a a literature review of vehicle related HF performance requirements, a review and comment on the draft LUVWSOR, identification of user needs and performance requirements via focus group sessions with intended LUVW user classes, and development of draft HF performance requirements and test protocols. Areas of general concern with the vehicle requirements, as well as concerns relevant to specific variants, are detailed in the report. Soldiers reinforced the desire to test prospective vehicles under real conditions orwith real tasks. As well, participants identified the need for adequate training on the vehicles prior toassessment. A number of general trial principles were identified, as well as the need for a progressive testing protocol. Human Factors performance criteria were determined based on a review of the LUVW tasking requirements, a review of relevant vehicle and military literature, and focus group discussions with relevant users. Future HF efforts will be required to conduct a HF user acceptance trial of potential LUVW bid contenders. Options for performance assessment approaches are discussed, including trial principles, scientific testing controls, and progressive testing protocol. The incorporation of the human-centered design creteria developed in there HF efforts will help to ensure that the RFP will provide maximum benifit to the Canadian Forces vehicle user groups.

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