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Additional Human Factors Evaluation of the Proposed Generation Ill Prototype Fragmentation Vests

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Humansystems Incorporated Guelph ON Canada

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In 1991, the Canadian Forces CF designed and built a fragmentation vest for the protection of our Land Force personnel against ballistic threats during military operations. Operational deficiencies with the fragmentation vest were reported shortly after introduction into service these deficiencies included excessive stiffness, degraded mobility, and incompatibility with helmets, weapons sights and in-service personal load carriage equipment. In order to resolve the in-service vest deficiencies, a series of human factors HF investigations were undertaken as part of the G2122 Fragmentation Vest Modification programme. Based on the recommendations from these trials, NDHQ selected a side-opening vest design as most suitable to pursue for the CF Fragmentation Vest Modification Programme Generation II design. The aim of this programme was to salvage the ballistic fill of the deficient fragmentation vests and incorporate it into a better design.

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