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Retrieval of Droplet size Density Distribution from Multiple field of view Cross polarized Lidar Signals: Theory and Experimental Validation

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Defence Research Establishment Valcartier Quebec Canada

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Multiple-field-of-view MFOV secondary-polarization lidar signals are used to calculate the particle-size density distribution PSD at the base of a cloud. At the cloud base, multiple scattering is weak and single backscattering is predominant by many orders of magnitude. Because secondary polarization is a direct measure of multiple scattering, it is therefore advantageous to use secondary polarization. A mathematical relation among the PSD, the lidar fields of view, the scattering angles, and the angular depolarization is derived to facilitate use of secondary polarization. The model is supported by experimental MFOV lidar measurements carried out in a controlled environment, and its limitations arid restrictions are discussed.

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Journal Article

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Applied Optics , 38, 24, 01 Jan 0001, 01 Jan 0001,



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