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Canadian Space Launch: Exploiting Northern Latitudes For Efficient Space Launch

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Air Command and Staff College Maxwell Air Force Base United States

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Canada represents an advantageous location for a commercial space launch facility to launch satellites into highly inclined orbits HIOs. Compared to launches which take place from facilities at lower latitudes, it is more efficient to launch HIOs from Canada. This is relevant because the majority of satellites currently in orbit are in this HIO category and are poised to increase in the future. While there are two Russian facilities that launch the majority of HIOs, political turmoil and potential conflict would make Canada an ideal potential location for a futurespace launch facility in order to mitigate these concerns. There are a number of potential launch sites available in Canada which offer a wide variety of launch azimuths, access to infrastructure and overall launch efficiency. One of the sites, located at Fort Churchill, offers the best overall potential based on all pertinent factors. Canada also offers a business-friendly environment and potential source for funding that will aid in the overall success of such an endeavor.

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1003726




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