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Modifications to the Finite Element Modeller Program REFINE

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Martec Limited Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

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Program REFINE was initially developed as part of an adaptive finite element modelling package for VAST where from estimates of discretization errors based on elementresiduals, the finite element model would be selectively refined by element subdivision until acceptable levels of accuracy according to computed error estimates was attained 1.However, increasingly the REFINE program finds application as a general modelling tool which complements the data generation capabilities of PVAST and HVAST. Under these circumstances, the PVAST and HVAST programs need only concentrate on achieving accurate geometric models. Since subsequent refinement of the model to attain acceptable finite element accuracy can be achieved with REFINE. This is particularly useful when the initial model is defmed in a pointwise fashion with a graphics tablet. In this context as well, selective model refinement would generally be employed but the experience of the modeller would dictate where the model refinements would be.

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