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Information Foraging Theory: A Framework for Intelligence Analysis

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Defence Research and Development Canada - Toronto Toronto, Ontario Canada

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Information Foraging Theory IFT is proposed as a framework in which model informationsearch in the military intelligence analysis domain. Information Foraging Theory explainshuman information search and exploitation as adaptations to the informational structure of theenvironment and has been used to model peoples preferences for information types, rules forexploiting discrete information sources, and the use of semantic cues to enhance the searchprocess. A plan for the application of Information Foraging Theory to the military intelligencedomain is described, beginning with the process of describing the task environment in whichanalysts work and moving to the issue of defining key Information Foraging Theory concepts inthat environment. The report ends with a discussion of ways application of IFT may benefitmilitary intelligence analysis, such as automated goal analysis and parameter tracking,enhancing information scent cues, and information visualisation techniques.

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