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The Portfolio Creation Model Developed for the Capital Investment Program Plan Review (CIPPR)

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DRDC - Centre for Operational Research and Analysis Ottawa, Ontario Canada

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To inform senior management about CIPPR decision support, this scientific letter has been prepared upon request 1 to clarify some of the key concepts about the portfolio creation model that has been developed to produce project portfolios for the Capital Investment Program Plan Review CIPPR. The portfolio creation model is one element of the portfolio approach that has been envisioned for CIPPR in order to enable better decisions concerning the inclusion or exclusion of projects within an enhanced strategic investment planning process. While another letter is being prepared to explain the overall concept and benefits of the portfolio approach, this letter provides a brief and accessible description of the portfolio creation model to enhance understanding of what might seem to be a black-box among decision makers and their staffs. A mathematical description of the portfolio creation model is contained at Annex A.

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