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Reconfigurable Optical Directed-Logic Circuits

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Rice University Houston United States

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Directed logic DL is an innovative logic paradigm that minimizes the latency in calculating a complicated logic function by taking advantage of the fast and low-loss propagation of light. DL can enhance the performance of digital systems for real-time applications that are especially important for Air Force missions, such as video analysis, object recognition, visualization and battle management. DL can also provide very fast network routing functions, which enable highly efficient packet-switched interconnection networks for high-performance computing. A DL circuit is formed by a network of optical switches controlled by the input logic signals. The optical wave travelling in the switch network calculates a logic function of the control signals. While it takes time for each switch to respond to a change in its control signal, all the switches operate simultaneously, and their switching delays do not accumulate. This is in contrast to conventional logic circuits where gate delays are cascaded, resulting in a large latency in a complex logic circuit.

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Technical Report,02 Jan 2012,14 Jun 2015

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1003358



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