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Nanopillar Photonic Crystal Lasers for Tb/s Transceivers on Silicon

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University of California at Los Angeles Los Angeles United States

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The objective of this project is the development of materials and devices to be used in next-generation Tbs optical transceivers on Silicon substrates. This project has focused on a unique approach to growth of III-V emitters via selective-area epitaxy SAE. The first year of the project focused on development of electrical injection of NP emitters. This work was successful in demonstrating electroluminescence in NP-LEDs at 1.3 microns. Due to the combination of axial current injection and radial surface passivation, the NP-LEDs are the first such devices based on nanowires or NPs which exhibit optical and electrical properties that are similar to their planar counterparts. The NP-LEDs were further developed by the introduction of axial diffusion barriers comprised of GaAsP inserts. Detailed characterization of growth of the GaAsP inserts and electronic band-offset measurements were used to effectively implement the GaAsP inserts as diffusion barriers. The implementation of these barriers in NP-LEDs demonstrated a five-fold increase in output intensity, making this a promising approach to high-efficiency pillar-based emitters in the near-infrared wavelength range.

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2014,31 Mar 2015

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1003357



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