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Human iPSC-Derived GABA Ergic Precursor Cell Therapy for Chronic Epilepsy

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Texas A and M University System College Station United States

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The goal of this project is to examine whether grafting of medial ganglionic eminence MGE-like precursors generated from human induced pluripotent stem cells hiPSCs into the hippocampus of rats exhibiting chronic temporal lobe epilepsy TLE would 1 greatly diminish the frequency and intensity of spontaneous recurrent seizures SRS, Specific Aim 1 and 2 ameliorate learning and memory impairments and depressive-like behavior Specific Aim 2. The work for this grant commenced from 02042015 following the receipt of ACURO approval on 02032015. During the past 8 months, a portion of experiments in Specific Aim 1 was performed 1 Induction of status epilepticus SE in young rats through kainic acid injections to generate rats exhibiting chronic TLE typified by SRS. 2 Grafting of MGE-like precursors into the hippocampus of chronically epileptic rats. 3 Measurement of seizure-recordings through EEG recordings in chronically epileptic rats belonging to sham-grafting surgery, epilepsy-alone and grafted groups. The data collected so far suggested that animals in sham-grafting surgery and epilepsy-only groups have similar frequency and intensity of SRS, implying that sham-grafting surgery neither alleviates nor enhances the frequency and intensity of SRS. The effect of grafting on SRS will be quantified in the coming year once EEG data are collected from all experiments groups.

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Technical Report,30 Sep 2014,29 Sep 2015




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