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Fluid-Structure Interaction Effects on Mass Flow Rates in Solid Rocket Motors

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Air Force Research Laboratory/RQRM Edwards AFB United States

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Determination of mass flow rate in a solid rocket motor is critical in the design of a new motor due to its effect on the thrust produced. Fluidstructure interaction FSI effects between the combusting gases and propellant alter the motor chamber pressure and mass flow rate. To account for the FSI effects on mass flow rate in an expedited fashion, an automated method of coupling computational fluid dynamics CFD to finite element analysis FEA is explored. A propellant flap in a cross flow is analyzed. Comparisons are made between an analytical solution, a solely CFD solution, a manual FSI solution, and an automated FSI solution. The one-way FSI analysis, effectively the undeformed CFD solution, overpredicted the pressures and mass flow rates. The FSI analyses with twoway coupling provided a more accurate assessment of solid rocket motor internal ballistics

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Technical Report,12 Aug 2015,02 Sep 2015

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01 Jan 0001, 01 Jan 0001, For Master's Project Defense; Cal Poly Pomona; 02 Sept 2015PA Case Number: 15472; Clearance Date: 8/31/2015



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