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PECASE: Resonantly-Enhanced Lanthanide Emitters for Subwavelength-Scale, Active Photonics

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Brown University Providence United States

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With the support of this grant, we 1 developed energy-momentum spectroscopy, a new angle-resolved spectroscopic technique that allows for the determination of the strength, order, and orientation of electronic transitions in quantum emitters, 2 leveraged the spectrally distinct electric and magnetic dipole transitions in Eu3plusY2O3 to tune emission spectra and to modulate emission at sub-lifetime speeds, 3 performed detailed quantum-mechanical calculations in the intermediate coupling regime to identify strong magnetic dipole emission lines for future experimental studies, 4 informed by these calculations we used energy-momentum spectroscopy to characterize electric and magnetic dipole contributions to Dy3plusY2O3 and Tm3plusY2O3 emission, 5 demonstrated spectral tuning of the highly mixed EDMD telecom emission from Er3plusY2O3 by varying the distance to a gold mirror with a Y2O3 spacer layer, 6 realized all optical modulation of Er3plusY2O3 at over 3 orders of magnitude faster than its excited state lifetime by leveraging the ultra-fast VO2 insulator-metal phase transition, and 7 expanded energy-momentum spectroscopy to a larger range of quantum emitters by removing the entrance slit of the imaging spectrograph and using convex optimization to extract information from the multiplexed image, thus greatly increasing optical throughput.

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Technical Report,15 Dec 2009,14 Dec 2014

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1003197




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