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Study of HV Dielectrics for High Frequency Operation in Linear and Nonlinear Transmission Lines (NLTLs) and Simulation and Development of Hybrid Nonlinear Lines for RF Generation

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National Institute for Space Sao Jose dos Campos Brazil

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The objectives of this work is to describe the research on lumped capacitive nonlinear transmission lines NLTLs developed during period 2013-2014. As lumped capacitive NLTLs employ nonlinear dielectric mediums, we have characterized ceramic dielectrics lead zirconium and barium titanates, PZT and BT, respectively in order to address RF soliton generation using these lines. Other issue studied was the investigation of the NLTL principle operation using a low voltage line built with varying capacitance diodes, called varactors, as these components show higher nonlinearity than commercial ceramic capacitors. To assess the performance of BT and PZT dielectrics we have built and tested HV NLTLs. In this case, the main results obtained and their implications on the design of capacitive NLTL operation at high frequencies are also discussed.

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Technical Report,01 Mar 2013,31 Aug 2014

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DOI: 10.21236/AD1003193



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