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Signature Signal Recording Technique for Wide-Band Recorders/Reproducers.

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Experimental investigations combined with field test experiences have shown that losses in signal quality associated with the recordreproduce process are often related to unrecognized system deficiencies. A requirement exists for a standardized method for assessing recorderreproducer performance status rapidly and accurately. The method should provide a permanent record of performance verification signals on the tape used during an operation, so that performance of the machine can be optimized for playback operations. The signature signal recording system described in this report offers a method for meeting these requirements. The magnetic tape signature signal recording system provides an overall recorderreproducer performance test in approximately 30 seconds. Signature signal recording may be selected at any time during normal record operations. Recording of the signature signal is completely automated and is initiated from a simplified control panel. At the completion of the automatic 30-second interval, the signature signal is permanently recorded on the magnetic tape. Real-time or future playback of the tape is required to interpret the signature signal and identify recorderreproducer performance status. The reproduced signature signal provides information that can be used to define problems in the record electronics, head-to-head configuration, or in the reproduce electronics. Since each of these areas has an important effect on the quality of preproduced signals, it is necessary to recognize their influence on the recordingreproducing process. The signature signal recording technique offers a significant contribution to problem recognition in recorderreproducer systems. Author

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