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Concept Definition of the Navy Environmental Protection Data Base (NEPDB) System.

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The two part report presents Raytheons concept Part I of the Navy Environmental Protection Data Base NEPDB System and Raytheons plan Part II for Phase II of the NEPDB System development. The NEPDB System is under development as part of the NEPDB Program. The objective of the program is to establish a program to gather data pertaining to air, water, land, noise and oily waste to show the extent to which the environment is affected by Naval ships, aircraft, and shore installations. The NEPDB System will be a data handling system which supplies user-required information and when developed and implemented will serve the following user-required purposes 1 insure Navy compliance with Federal, State, and local standards and regulations 2 demonstrate and justify the need for corrective actions to improve the environment and 3 demonstrate the degree of improvement resulting from investments. The conceptual system is described in terms of functional flow diagrams and information flow diagrams. Six top-level functions of the system are identified and detailed in lower-level diagrams. The development of the concept is founded on an analysis of typical user requirements as reflected in typical user questions and in Navy instructions on environmental matters. The System concept makes maximum use of existing Navy systems to provide the required capability. It is a mix of human and computerized data handling capabilities, providing for flexibility and growth. A centralized data storage and retrieval operation environment, data base, pollution, data processing, concept definition, air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution, oily waste, solid waste, environmental data.

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Final rept. Apr-Aug 72,

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Includes Plan for Preliminary System Design.



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