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Radiation Pyrometer for Gas Turbine Blades.

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This report describes the results of a program that has advanced the concepts and feasibility of radiation pyrometry for measuring the first stage blade temperature in advanced aircraft turbine engines. In this system thermal radiation is accepted from the blades by sensor heads transmitted by high temperature fiber optics to a remote detector housing, and converted into an electrical signal by a silicon photovoltaic cell. This system measures and displays on a real time basis the average temperature of blades on a wheel, the average of the highest temperatures on a wheel, or the temperature of the hottest blade on the wheel. Program emphasis was placed on three important developments and demonstrations tasks. The first concern was the creation of hybrid circuit chips containing most of the Turbine Blade Temperature Measurement System TBTMS circuitry. Important size, weight and power savings are achieved with the accomplishment of this task. The second task involved the study and testing of engine mounted optical sensors capable of withstanding conditions found at the turbine case of modern and developmental engines. These conditions are far more severe than those found in most industrial applications of pyrometers. As a part of the sensor work, the tests of fiber optic cables were continued and are reported. The third program task was the testing of a complete TBTMS on a simulator rig and an engine. A high performance development engine was used in this phase of the program. Author

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Final rept. 1 May 71-2 Jun 72,

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Supersedes Rept. nos. GIDEP-428.74.40.30-T8-11 thru 15.



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