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Evaluation of a Reliability Analysis Approach to Fatigue Life Variability of Aircraft Structures Using C-130 In-Service Operational Data

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An analytical program to evaluate a probabilistic analysis approach to the prediction of aircraft structural fatigue endurance using data obtained from the C-130 Structural Integrity Program has been completed. This report is the final report of this program. The proposed method is applied to three fatigue sensitive areas of the C-130 center wing using test results from C-130 B and E wing full scale fatigue tests. The results of this analysis are then correlated with service experience data from the Air Forces fleet of C-130 B and E transport aircraft. In addition, this data is also used to consider the applicability of the basic distributions and parameters selected for the proposed method. The first and second phases of the program involve the preparation of this data and the correlation of the results of the analysis with the data used as a single population. The third and fourth phases of the program involve the selection of four C-130 service usage groups, the adjustment of the fatigue test results to the usage group loads and the correlations of the results of each analysis with the data from each usage group. The fifth phase involves a review of the results of the correlations made in this study.

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Final rept. Feb-Oct 1970




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