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Information Flow and Combat Effectiveness. Part III. User Instructions. Volume 2. The ADVICE II Model.

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The ADVICE II Model is a computer-assisted division-level war game whose rate of play approximates reality. The information contained in the data base is continuously updated and used by the computer to generate several types of stylized reports to the control team as well as to appropriate players. Reports to the control team are factual and timely while those to players are subject to degradation as a result of player orders, controller judgement and computer routines. The purpose of this volume is to provide a complete description of the ADVICE II model to include all rationale logic, and algorithms used. It is also intended to provide the game control personnel with the necessary operational techniques to permit them to function effectively after a short trial period. This volume consists of a general definition of the model to include its basic operational and functional design. This is followed by a detailed description of each of the routines and subroutines. The ASSESSORS MANUAL is a comprehensive description of the game from the viewpoint of the assessor who seldon sees the situation map and who is completely bound to the varying CRT displays and computer demands. The CONTROLLERS MANUAL is written for the ground controller whose operational environment consists of the situation map, message center, game clock and player orders. These two individuals run the game.

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See also Volume 1, AD-871 683L and Volume 3, AD-871 902L.



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