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Trainer, B-57 Aircraft, Special Stores, Loading A.F. Type XMN-5.

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The requirement for an operational loading training device, to be used by Special Stores Loading Crews assigned to the B-57 Aircraft, presented many basic design problems and manufacturing considerations. The trainer was to be used by loading crews to increase their proficiency in the pre-flight checks and actual special stores installation procedures. Crew utilization of the trainer was to result in the equivalent training that the crew would obtain when practicing loading on an actual B-57 Aircraft. The device was to be designed for fabrication as economically as possible without sacrificing optimum training value. Design considerations were given to monitoring of the crews operations by the instructor, duplication of those portions of the aircraft electrical system utilized in the loading operation, malfunctioning of certain operations by the instructor to train the crew in the recognition and reporting of troubles properly, hydraulic operation of those portions of the trainer that are actually used in the loading operation, and the use of pneumatically cushioned hydraulic cylinders on the landing gear to permit adjustment for static height and droop under load. Consideration was also given to the use of all standard materials and production methods in the interest of building the trainer as fast and economically as possible. The basic design utilized an all welded construction using commerical low grade carbon steel for structural members and spot welded sheet steel for the skin. Standard commercial tires and wheels with truck brakes were used in the simulated landing gear in place of aircraft type wheels. Author

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