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Development of AFRPL Flanged Connectors for Rocket Fluid Systems

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A 3-year program was conducted to develop a family of flight-weight flanged tube connectors which utilize the Bobbin seal concept for both 6061-T6 aluminum and Type 347 stainless steel tubing systems. In addition, engineering support was furnished during the evaluation of AFRPL stainless steel threaded connectors by selected organizations. The activities in relation to the first objective consisted of 1 the selection of bolted, flanged connectors as the best means of joining tubing from 1 to 16 inches in diameter, 2 the development of stainless steel and aluminum Bobbin seals for typical flanged connector sizes, 3 the preparation of a detailed computer program for the optimum design of flanged connectors incorporating Bobbin seals, 4 the design, fabrication, and qualification testing of representative flanged connectors, and 5 the preparation of designs for a family of stainless steel and aluminum flanged connectors. The activities directed toward the second objective consisted of 1 the investigation of seal-removal tools, 2 the design and evaluation of connector modifications to achieve seal retention and misalignment limitation, 3 the investigation of increased radial seal loading techniques, and 4 the investigation of stress relaxation in threaded connectors. In addition to a summary of the technical activities, the report contains the computer design program for flanged connectors, and designs for aluminum and stainless steel flanged connectors for pressures up to 1500 psi and for tube sizes through 16 inches.

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Final rept. on Jan 1966-Mar 1969 on Phases 2 and 3



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AF 04(611)-11204

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