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Engineering Test (Desert Phase) of Blasting Machine, Lightweight, XM32.

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The U.S. Army Yuma Proving Ground conducted an Engineering Test Desert Phase of the Blasting Machine, Lightweight, XM32, from 3 June through 12 August 1968. The purpose of the test was to determine the suitability of the test item for use under desert summer conditions. Testing was conducted in temperatures of 65 to 117 F to determine functional suitability, electrical output, durability, reliability, and safety. Dimensions and weight of the test items met the SDR requirements. Before and after desert storage and after transportation tests, all stored or transported items successfully fired 10 to 20 blasting caps. No deterioration of the test items was observed following the 30-day desert storage period. Cross-country transportation had no adverse effect on test item operation. Eight of the 11 test items subjected to reliability testing consistently developed the required electrical output throughout 5000 actuations. Only one of the four test items subjected to the 4-foot drop test continued to develop the prescribed output after each drop. The D-ring clip, when bent, will slip off the handle creating the possibility of accidental firing. The D-ring clip will not prevent unauthorized firing. It was concluded that the Blasting Machine, Lightweight, XM32, met all the SDR requirements except for the requirement that the item be operational after a 4-foot drop onto concrete and the requirement for a positive safety device. It was also concluded that the item is safe for use with the existing safety device providing the operator ascertains that the D-ring clip is not bent and is kept in place over the handle.

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Final rept. 3 Jun-12 Aug 68,



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