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Stress Concentrations near Openings in Plates and Shells Made of Reinforced Materials. (Chapter IX),

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The book Composite Fibrous Materials has been compiled by Van Fo Fy who wrote the first nine of the fifteen chapters. A number of other specialists authored the remaining chapters, as mentioned in the preface. Van Fo Fy has been one of the most productive and original investigators in the area of structural mechanics of composite materials, particularly thin-walled composites. The claim is made in the preface that the nine chapters of Van Fo Fy are original material. This statement might well be disputed but in any event a large portion of the material in these nine chapters was originally published by Fy in one journal or another. The first chapter appears to be a rather unique presentation of relations between constituents of the composite and over-all elastic characteristics. Perhaps the most significant chapters are VI Electromagnetic Fields in Composites, VII Elastic Waves in Reinforced Materials and IX Stress Concentrations around holes in plates and shells made of composites. Very little work has been carried out in the USA IN THE AREAS OF THESE THREE CHAPTERS AND THESE THREE CHAPTERS CONTAIN EXCELLENT SUMMARIES OF ALREADY-PUBLISHED Soviet work as well as some original work not yet reported in their literature. Consequently it would appear that Chapters VI, VII, and IX are worthy of translation. Author-PL

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Edited trans. of mono. Kompozitsionne Volokniste Materialy (Composite Fibrous Materials) Kiev, 1970 p149-166, by Rene E. Courville.



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