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Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 1st Cavalry Division Artillery.

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Throughout the period the 1st ACD conducted operations as part of II FFORCEV Operation TOAN THANG Phase II 1 February through 16 February and Phase III 17 February through 30 April in the III Corps Tactical Zone III CTZ. Operations were conducted in AO Sheridan Saber northern III CTZ along the Cambodian Border, AO Cheyenne Saber northeast of Long BinhBien HoaSaigon complex in War Zone D, AO Navajo WARHORSE II south of Tay Ninh and west of Cu Chi in the vicinity of the Parrots Beak and Angels Wing of the Cambodian border and AO Montana Scout northeast of Tay Ninh north of Dau Tieng in the vicinity of the Fishhook of the Cambodian border. Emphasis on operations at the beginning of the reporting period was generally in the Sheridan Saber AO with artillery units deployed to support maneuver units conducting offensive operations, interdicting movement of major enemy forces south into critical III CTZ areas, and locating and reducing or eliminating enemy base camps, supply bases, training and rest camps, and river crossing sites throughout the Sheridan Saber AO. The period was marked with numerous stand-off attacks on artillery based LZs, extremely heavy enemy contact in AO Sheridan SABER, AO Navajo Warhorse II, and Montana Scout AO.

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Operational rept. for quarterly period ending 30 Apr 69.

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