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Advanced Fluidic Controls for Integrated Propulsion Systems. Part III. Fluidic Techniques for Multiple-Engine Thrust Stability Control.

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A feasibility demonstration of a fluidic attitude control system for the hover control of a turbojet powered VTOL aircraft was made. The demonstration was conducted on a special ground-based VTOL simulator which contains two J-85 turbojet engines. The aircraft configuration dictated that attitude control in the pitch axis be achieved by thrust modulation of the engines, and that control in the roll and yaw axes be achieved by reaction jets powered by compressor discharge air from the engines. Therefore, two systems were developed. Attitude information is supplied by a gimbal-less hybrid attitude sensor which has a pneumatic output. Rate damping is provided by a vortex rate sensor having no moving parts. Amplification and summing of sensor inputs is accomplished using small beam-deflection type fluid amplifiers. The pitch axis attitude information is supplied to fluidic engine fuel controls to accomplish thrust modulation. The roll axis attitude information is supplied through fluidic pulse width modulators to the reaction jets, which are large bistable supersonic fluid amplifiers. Feasibility was demonstrated using breadboard hardware. No attempt was made to develop production type fabrication techniques of fluid components or any integrated packaging schemes. Existing fluidic components were used where possible with development limited to that necessary to meet the system requirements established by VTOL handling qualities studies conducted early in the program. Author

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Final rept. Apr 65-Aug 67,

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See also Part 4, AD-503 309.



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