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Lessons Learned, Headquarters, 9th Infantry Division

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The 9th Infantry Division continued operations in support of missions and tasks either specified or implied by Plans and Operational Instructions. The mission of the 9th Infantry Division is to conduct sustained, coordinated combined air and ground operations to destroy Viet Cong VC and North Vietnamese NVA Main and Local Force units and their installations and infrastructure in the TAOI in close cooperation and coordination with Task Force 117, execute ground and riverine operations to interdict enemy land and water LOC and deny the use of their base areas and to destroy targeted Main and Local Force units conduct consolidation and pacification operations to identify and destroy VC guerilla units and infrastructure and secure population centers and LOC in close coordination and cooperation with the Government of Vietnam GVN forces conduct supporting operations to further assist the GVN pacification program by enhancing the capability of the Army of the Republic of Vietnam ARVN, Popular Forces PF and Regional Forces RF and, by contributing to the health and welfare of the civilian population. The 9th Infantry Division has successfully accomplished this mission by conducting operations in Gia Dinh, Long An, Go Cong, Dinh Tuong, Kien Tuong, Kien Hoa, and Kien Phong Provinces.

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Operational rept. for period ending 31 Jan 1969



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