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Lessons Learned, Report 2-66 - The Battle of Annihilation and The BONG SON Campaign

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This issue of Lessons Learned deals with the battle of annihilation as it pertains to operations in RVN and illustrates the validity of the doctrine of Find, Fix, Fight and Finish. The emphasis in this issue is placed on the importance of rapid reaction to good intelligence and the fixing of an enemy force so that he may be effectively destroyed. Combat experience in Vietnam has shown that good intelligence of VC unit locations is difficult to obtain, placing a premium on swift reaction in order to take advantage of this information. Additionally, experience has also shown that the enemy will not generally stand and fight when faced by a superior force aggressively employed, preferring to fade away into the bush in classic guerrilla fashion. It then becomes obvious that to prevent this fading away, in addition to aggressively attacking his force, we must fix the enemy in place by denying him routes of escape and withdrawal. This issue of Lessons Learned contains three examples of combat actions, at both large and small unit levels, two of which are considered successful and one unsuccessful, with the criteria of success being the commanders ability to react rapidly to good intelligence and to fix the enemy by denying him routes of escape and withdrawal.

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