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Examination of Pentolite Made From Single Refined PETN.

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In the manufacture of Pentolite, PETN is first refined by precipitation from an acetone solution with water, this PETN is then dissolved in acetone with TNT and the Pentolite is obtained by co-precipitation by addition of water. If PETN could be used directly without the intervening purification treatment, a saving of time and expense would be effected. Samples of Pentolite prepared from both single and double refined PETN were submitted by the duPont Co. in order that it might be determined if they differed with respect to stability, sensitivity, and explosive power. The results of the Rifle Bullet Impact and Drop Tests suggest that Pentolite made from single refined PETN is slightly more sensitive than normal Pentolite, but not enough so to warrant the extra refining treatment of PETN. The strength of the Pentolite, as measured by the Ballistic Mortar Test is not affected, nor is the stability, as measured by the 100 C. Vacuum Stability Test. On the basis of the results obtained, it is believed that the preliminary purification of PETN in the manufacture of Pentolite can be eliminated without materially affecting the sensitivity, stability, or explosive characteristics of the mixture. Author

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