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Proposed Conceptual Requirements for the CTBT Knowledge Base,

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The United States Government USG has indicated its support for a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty CTBT by 1996, however, the existing verification systems will not provide monitoring capabilities at the level demanded by such a CTBT. Work is underway at the Department of Energy DOE and other agencies to improve the capabilities of the existing verification systems. One area of research is focused on acquiring regional knowledge of the Earth to allow detection and identification the low magnitude events required by a CTBT. The problems associated with organizing, storing, and making this knowledge available to automated processing routines and human analysts are significant, and solving these problems is an essential step in ensuring that research results are smoothly transferred into the operational environment. The proposed knowledge base is an approach to solving the problems of knowledge storage in a CTBT system. In addition to providing regional knowledge to automated processing routines, the knowledge base will also address the ad-hoc methods now used for knowledge storage. This will make the overall data processing system easier to maintain and tune since knowledge will be stored in a well defined location and not duplicated in multiple ad-hoc storage schemes. The Proposed Conceptual Requirements Document for the CTBT Knowledge Base is a high-level requirements document intended to provide an overview of the scope and function of the knowledge base. In addition, the conceptual requirements document also provides examples of the data types envisioned for storage in the knowledge base. This conceptual requirements document is in a development phase and will continue to evolve along with other documents which will be developed during the analysis and design phases of this project.

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