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Air Ventilated Heating and Cooling Based on Zeolite Technology

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A promising technology identified and ready to be used for a man mowed micro-climatization system MiCS is the zeolite vacuum-adsorption technology. This technology uses the non-hazardous, non-explosive, non-toxic and environmental friendly working pair zeolite and water. Zeolites are crystalline, porous aluminum-silicates with well-defined pore structures. The most important property of the zeolite is its ability for adsorption of water in a reversible process. The adsorptiondesorption technology inherently provides for storage of energy, to be used either for heating and cooling. Besides moving the air flow heat is the only energy input. The core module of the MiCS is a conditioning unit consisting of the zeolite-sorber and the water reservoir interconnected by a control valve. Sorber and reservoir are designed as heat exchangers to provide either cooling or heating to the climate air flow. The technology has been successfully used by U.S. Navy within the HAILSS Program with its APACS Advanced Portable Air Conditioning System. The recent flight model configuration provides a cooling power of about 50 Watts for more than 2.5 hours to the conditioned air flow. The heating performance of such a system is in the same power range. The zeolitewater adsorption technology offers manifold applications in various domains of cooling, heating, and dehumidification.

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