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GKSS - Advanced Integrated System Concept for Full Protection and Heat Stress Mitigation

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The increased demand for protection of the human body against external threats and environmental conditions has led modularity of components for countering these threats and environmental conditions. However, the higher the degree of protection the more negative influence on human performance could be observed. The degradation of human performance situation is caused by multiple layered - onion like - protection garments keeping the body away from natural heat exchange mechanisms. This can be recognized in particular when looking into combat pilot equipment where the result is known as heat stress problem. This degradation is getting even worse when protective garment has to be impermeable as well as semi-permeable. As the operational workload remains it adds to the burden caused by the protective garment resulting in excessive perspiration and finally, leads to dehydration. The alternative approaches to overcome these deficiencies vary from modular components for individual protection needs with no conditioning via liquid conditioning to air cooling solutions. However, the solutions so far have been based on single component optimization with substantial deficits when trying to integrate them. Contrary to these approaches the GKSS - Full Coverage Protection System - approach considers the integrated system concept from the very beginning avoiding the deficiencies encountered with single components for single threat solutions. The GKSS, designed for the most challenging protection needs, comprises helmet, suit and the peripheral components using air ventilation for micro climatization of head and body. The GKSA suit design follows a three layer concept - the outer layer for threatenvironment protection, the middle layer for distance keeping air flowinsulation, and the inner layer for sweat transportation, insulation and limited flame protection. This concept applies in principle for the helmet as well.

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  • Stress Physiology
  • Human Factors Engineering and Man Machine Systems
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