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Frequency Shift in a Mutually Pumped Phase Conjugator of BaTiO sub 3,

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Since the observation of self-frequency scanning with a passive phase-conjugate mirror coupled to a dye-laser cavity in 1984, much attention has been paid to frequency detuning in photorefractive PR wave mixing. Such a phenomenon has been widely studied in various photorefractive oscillators. In this paper, we present the experimental results of frequency shift f-shift in our mutually pumped phase conjugator Bridge conjugator and demonstrated to be dramatically dependent upon the power density of pumping beams. The experimental setup was similar to that we used in our previous investigation on bridge conjugator. The configuration is schematically shown in Fig.l. Two mutually incoherent beams, beam 1 and beam 2, with the same wavelength lambda 514.5 nm and e-polarization were input on the two adjacent surfaces of Barium titanate, respectively. To observe the frequency shift between phase conjugate PC outputs and their relevant incident ones, i.e., PC beam of beam 1 noted as beam land its energy source beam, beam 2, as well as another pair of beam 2 and beam 1, we built two interferometers. That is, let beam 1 or beam 2 and beam 2 or beam 1 interfere each other to produce fringes on a screen and then the frequency shift can be read out from the movement of the fringes.

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