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Optical and Mechanical Characterization of Spin-On Deposited Silicon and Titanium Dioxide Films,

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Spin-on deposited Sio2-TiO2 thin films pure and doped with dyes are produced. Their optical and mechanical properties are determined and their use for a number of applications is investigated. The spin-on deposited SiO2 film has been successfully doped with coumarin as a colour center and characterized as a waveguide overlay. Solution deposited thin films of silicon and titanium dioxide, and their mixtures, are suitable for a number of applications such as antireflection coating and waveguides for integrated optics. Both dipping and spinning methods can be used to obtain good quality films 1 2. For the dipping process, processing standardization ensures good reproducibility of refractive index and thickness 1. In this paper, we use a spin-on and baking process to produce pure and doped SiO2 and TiO2 films and we study some of their optical and mechanical properties. The solution we used is commercially available E.Merck liquicoat solutions 3. They are metal alkoxide colloidal solutions containing 7 and 9 SiO2 and TiO2 respectively. By varying the volume ratio of the two component solutions, films of various thickness 80-250 nm and refractive index 1.4-2.0 can be obtained. We used 0.02 inch thick P-doped 100 silicon , Coming 0211 glass, and 1 mm thick Fisher microscope slides as three substrate materials. We use standard silicon and glass cleaning procedures and carried out the film deposition in a class 100 clean room. The solution were mixed immediately before coating to ensure

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