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An Interim Comparison of Operational CG Records in Turbulence on Small and Large Civil Aircraft,

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Operational records have been made on British Airways aircraft for the period May 1980 to April 1985 and analysed for about 650,000 flying ours on a number of of different aircraft. Records have been obtained for about 2 to 5 minutes of Normal Acceleration, Pitch Angle, Roll Angle, Height and Speed for nearly all those events which had an increment of 1g or more i.e. 29 events similar records have also been obtained for nearly all those events with an increment of 0.5g or more with flaps down for the period May 1983 to April 1985 i.e. 33 events. An interim examination of the 29 events with 1 excess g or more, with special emphasis on 15 of them is made and includes an estimate of the interaction of maneuvers and turbulence, an estimate of the frequency of occurrence of high level intensity gusts and of the equiprobability relationships of gust levels and gust gradients. It is found that gusts that are important for a particular response are strongly dependent on the rate per 5km at which zero crossings occur in that response. Using the Kaynes formulate for gust intensity and zero crossing it is found that the equiprobability relationships of gust levels and gust gradients can be represented on a single diagram for all sizes of aircraft at all heights.

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  • Fluid Mechanics
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