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Electronic-Commutator AC/DC Motor-Driven Tracked All-Terrain Vehicles with Extremely High Mobility,

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Tracked all-terrain vehicles is a general term which includes all types and sizes of soft wet land- and snow-traversing vehicles. All such equipment must meet the highest standards of safety, comfort, reliability, flexibility, durability and mobility and work under the most arduous operating conditions. Because of their unique all-terrain capabilities, the tracked all-terrain vehicles are also used for nonmilitary purposes, particularly in those cases where extremely high mobility over difficult terrain is required. For example, these vehicles can be used in conjunction with electrical power transmission- and natural gas or oil pipe-line erection and the servicing and maintenance of existing transmission- and pipelines. The key to the exceptional all-terrain capabilities of the tracked all-terrain vehicles are their low specific ground pressures. These are as little as hPa when fully loaded, which are less than half the specific ground pressure of an adult and about twice the value of person moving over snow on skis. This means that fully loaded tracked all-terrain vehicles can negotiate soft wet land ie swamps, which will be impossible for any wheeled off-road vehicle and extremely difficult for anybody on foot. Their outstanding oversnow capabilities make them equally mobile over land covered by deep snow. Besides, the tracked all-terrain vehicles in their standard versions, with normal tracks are fully amphibious without any special preparations having to be taken.

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