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Acoustic Fuel Shutoff

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Patent application, Filed 4 Sep 2003

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This patent application discloses a system for preventing overflow from a tank being filled. An open-ended elongated tube is disposed in a fuel tank to extend between an opening of the tank at one end and proximate to the bottom of the tank at the other end. A refueling nozzle connected to a source of pressurized fuel or other pressurized liquid has an open end extension to extend through the tank opening and into the elongated tube. The nozzle creates broadband acoustic signals inside of the elongated tube by the turbulent flow of fuel through the nozzle during filling. A microphone is mounted on the nozzle near the open end extension to sense resonant frequency signals of the acoustic signals to generate representative signals. A processing module is connected to the microphone to receive and process the representative signals such that a close signal is generated when the representative signals represent a critical resonant frequency. The critical resonant frequency is representative of the length of the elongated tube between the opening and the level of fuel in the elongated tube inside of the tank. The critical resonant frequency is predetermined to occur at a level of fuel in the elongated tube corresponding to a full, no-spill level in the tank. A shut-off valve is connected between the fuel source and the nozzle and is responsive to the processing module. The close signal from the processing module closes the flow of pressurized fuel from the source. 1 figure

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  • Pumps, Filters, Pipes, Tubing, Fittings and Valves
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