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Control System for a Multi-Piston Pump with Solenoid Valves for the Production of Constant Outlet Pressure Flow.

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Patent, Filed 12 Aug 94, patented 10 Oct 95,

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A multi-piston pump is provided which uses microprocessor controlled check ball valves to control flow rate of a fluid at the pumps outlet port. The pump includes nine cylindrical shaped chambers and associated reciprocating pistons which are driven by a cam attached to a shaft. The pumps shaft is coupled to the shaft of a motor which, in turn, drives the pumps shaft and cam resulting in a fluid, such as seawater, filling each of the nine chambers and then having the fluid forced from the chamber by the movement of its associated piston from bottom dead center to top dead center. A pressure transducer which monitors the pressure at the pumps outlet port and a shaft encoder which monitors the angular position of the pumps shaft respectively provide analog signals indicative of the pumps outlet ports pressure and the shafts angular position. A microprocessor receives these analog signals in a digital form, processes the signals and provides digital pulse signals to either extend or retract the rod of nine solenoids depending upon the pressure at the pumps outlet port. Each of the nine solenoid rods when extended engage a check ball valve within one of the pumps nine inlet passageways allowing the passageway to remain open when the associated reciprocating piston is in a pumping stroke. This allows seawater to be discharged through the inlet passageway maintaining fluid flow at the outlet port at a pressure level which is commensurate with the intended use of the pump.

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