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Barge Connector System.

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Patent, Filed 29 Dec 89, patented 3 Jul 90,

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This patent discloses a barge connecting system for connecting a first vessel to a second vessel comprising three spaced parallel rectangular shaped plates, the first plate of which is attached to the stern of a lead vessel, and the third plate of which abuts or may be attached to the bow of a following vessel. Bracing for the second and third plates is provided by plurality of diagonal wire cables each of which has one end connected to a corner of the first rectangular shaped plate and the opposite end connected to either a corner of the second rectangular shaped plate or a corner of the third rectangular shaped plate. Positioned vertically between the first and second plates are a first pair of pneumatic fenders which are rotatably mounted on the first plate by wire cables. There is positioned horizontally between the second and third plates a second pair of pneumatic fenders which are mounted on third plate by wire cables. The fenders allow horizontal movement of the second and third plates with respect to the first plate and vertical movement of third plate with respect to the first and second plates. Since the fenders are pneumatic, a surge force generated by the following vessel will be absorbed, the fenders will then expand and the following vessel will return to an equilibrium position with respect to the lead vessel. At least a pair of tow lines are used to connect to stern of the lead vessel to the bow of the following vessel when said third rectangular shaped plate is not attached to the bow of said following vessel. Patents. EDC

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  • Couplers, Fasteners and Joints
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