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Secondary Oxygen Purifier for Molecular Sieve Oxygen Concentrator.

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Patent, Filed 2 Feb 88, patented 21 Mar 89,

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The secondary purifier, composed of two cylindrical adsorbent beds and valving, is used to increase the oxygen concentration of the product gas comprising oxygen and argon from a zeolite molecular sieve concentrator. The oxygen purity of the gas is increased by selectively absorbing and exhausting the argon component by the use of beds of small particle size 16 X 40 mesh carbon molecular sieve. In a two step cycle, during step 1 of the cycle one bed receives high pressure 30 PSIA feed gas which pressurizes the bed and establishes a product oxygen flow, and the argon component of the air is removed by preferential adsorption in the carbon molecular sieve. Simultaneously, the high pressure gas in the other bed is vented to a lower pressure usually the ambient surroundings, and this depressurization serves to desorb the argon previously adsorbed during the high pressure phase of the cycle. In step 2 of the cycle the adsorbent beds exchange roles. This constant cycling results in a continuous product stream of very high purity oxygen up to 99.6. The separation is conducted at a temperature of 297 K. The secondary purifier does not require a regenerative purge flow for efficient operation, which minimizes the feed gas consumption. This invention will improve the present molecular sieve oxygen concentrators for field hospitals and portable oxygen therapy. The two adsorbent beds are operatively connected to six solenoid actuated valves, one manual valve and a programmable solenoid actuator. The system according to the invention does not require a regenerative purge flow for efficient operation. This feature minimizes the feed gas consumption. Keywords Patents. aw

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