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Quadrant Elevation Control Device.

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In accordance with this invention, a track vehicle has a launcher thereon that has a multiplicity of launch tubes therein and the launcher is pivotally secured for being elevated at predetermined angles for firing of missiles from the launcher. The angle at which it is desired to fire the missiles is predetermined and then a quadrant elevation control device is used for controlling elevation of the launcher to this predetermined angle. The quadrant elevation control device is secured to one side of the launcher and includes an inclosure that has a cylindrical rod pivotally mounted and longitudinally moveable relative to the inclosure and on the rod a gunners quadrant is secured. The gunners quadrant includes a structural support member that has a generally triangular section that is disposed for having a pivotable arm secured at one end to an apex of the triangular section and an opposite end that has an index for pivoting the arm relative to the quadrant from 0 to about 60 degrees. This arm has a level vial mounted thereon which is in the level position at 0 degrees when the launcher and track vehicle are in a level position. A second level vial is mounted on the housing structure perpendicular to the level vial of the arm. A mercury switch is mounted on the arm and is calibrated to the level vial on the pivotable arm of the gunners quadrant. The mercury switch is calibrated so that when the launcher is elevated to an angle that the pivotable arm is set for the launcher to be elevated to, the mercury switch will interrupt an electrical circuit and cause the elevation mechanism for the launcher to be interrupted. Author

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