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Preparation of a Burkholderia Mallei Vaccine

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Annual rept. 15 Dec 1998-14 Dec 1999

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Burkholderia mallei is the causative agent of glanders which is primarily a disease of the horse, mule or donkey, although goats, sheep, cats and dogs sometimes naturally contract the disease. The mode of infection in animals remains controversial considerations include inhalation, ingestion or inoculation through breaks in the skin. Glanders in humans has never been common, but it gains tremendous importance from the serious nature of the infection. Our knowledge of the pathogenesis of disease due to B. mallei is lacking. It is recognized from earlier studies that B. mallei is an organism with tremendous infectivity and poses a significant hazard to humans exposed to aerosols containing this organism. At present, no effective vaccines are available against this organism, and information on the treatment of this organism with antibiotic therapy is also not available. The basic studies which we are performing on the pathogenesis of disease due to B. mallei are acutely needed, and the information gained from these studies will provide a knowledge base which is required to rationally design new modes of therapy directed against this organism. The long-term objective of our research is to define at a molecular level the pathogenesis of disease due to B. mallei and to develop immunoprotective vaccines against these organisms for use in humans.

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