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Broadband Near IR Laser Hazard Filters. Phase 1

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Fabrication of holographic broadband laser eye protection BLEP filters was investigated as a new approach to protecting ground troops from eye damage by near infrared IR lasers. The infrared broadband filters combined high optical density OD4, high photopic visual transmission efficiency 60 to 75 and large angular protection 40 deg for the 694 nm wavelength and with the environmental stability necessary for battlefield conditions. Phase I research successfully fabricated broadband IR filters with excellent optical qualities. In addition, BLEP filters are compatible with flat and curved polycarbonate substrates and can be combined with absorption dye technology to yield cost effective hybrid technology for laser eyewear. This technology should be able to supply complete wavelength and angular laser protection for the near IR portion of the spectrum from 690 nm to 1100 nm for the Armys spectacle, goggle or visor configurations with appropriate OD and photopic efficiency. Further research is needed to extend this technology to contain hybrid scenarios on the various substrates noted above. The benefits are that protection against all agile laser threats in the 690 nm to 1100 nm region will be developed. Commercial applications of this broadband near IR rejection filter technology are to automotive and architectural Window glass coating for the reduction of cooling loads. In addition to eye protection, BLEP filters can be used for cockpit display filters, for night vision goggles, for broadband IR reflectors for space solar cell arrays, and perhaps even for very large greater than 1 sq. m. near IR optical mirrors.

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