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A Thin Film Preparation Using Focused High Power Ion Beam

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Among the well known physical methods of thin film preparation as target evaporation by magnetron irradiation, by laser, electron and long pulse ion beams, the method of precipitation of evaporated target material with short pulse 100 ns and high power 109 Wcm2 ion beam seems to be less investigated. The advantages of such method are 1. high precipitation velocity 1 micro m per shot 2. possibility of film formation at high area substrate 100 cm2 3. moderate vacuum conditions needed 104 - 105 Torr - two order higher compared to other methods 4. high melting temperature target usage. These advantages are provided by action of pulsed ion beam at the target, when the effective energy transfer into target occurs, but irradiation energy losses are minimal. The thickness of evaporated layer of the target is determined by ion range in material usually 1 - 10 micro m providing high velocity precipitation. Pulsed action of target plasma results in thermal and mechanical dynamic loading, that is important for film properties. The usage of described method for formation of diamond like is of the most interest. In order to precipitate the carbon films we used high power ion beam with the following parameters E 600 keV, I 60 kA, t 80 ns. Ion beam was generated in focusing B-applied diode at GIMN accelerator. The ion beam consisted of approximately 70 of protons and 30 of carbon ions. The ion current density in the focal plane reached 9 kAcm2 that corresponds to 300 Jcm2

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