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Environmental Assessment for Implementation of Expanded Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard (BASH) Program for Moody Air Force Base and Private and Public Lands Surrounding Moody Air Force Base, Georgia

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A Bird-Aircraft Strike Hazard BASH exists at and around Moody AFB and its vicinity because of the presence of resident and migratory birds and other wildlife species i.e. white-tailed deer, alligators, coyotes, foxes. During the past 10 fiscal years, Moody AFB aircraft have been involved in an average of23.5 bird strikes annually, with a range from 12 to 35 strikes. While an on-base BASH program has been in existence for several years, it has been determined that an off-base BASH program needs to be implemented within a five-mile radius of the Moody AFB airfield to reduce risks to pilots and aircraft from three target species cattle egrets, black vultures, and turkey vultures. In support of the military mission, Moody Air Force Base AFB has prepared an off-base BASH plan and proposes to implement a program designed to minimize aircraft exposure to these three target species within the S-mile radius region of influence ROI. These activities would include both non-lethal and lethal strategies and techniques specifically designed to minimize BASH risks for Moody AFB pilots. These activities would be implemented on private and public lands, as approved by the landowners or managers, and in accordance with all applicable legal and real estate requirements. As part of this action, Moody AFB has also proposed adding the turkey vulture Cathartes aura and black vulture Coragypus atratus to the list of species authorized to be lethally controlled within the boundaries of the installation and to increase the number of cattle egrets Bubulcus ibis authorized to be lethally controlled on the installation as required to protect human health and safety.

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