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Final Environmental Assessment for the Military Family Housing Privatization Initiative Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi

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This EA addresses the potential environmental consequences to the human and natural environment from the Proposed Action, Alternative 1, and the No Action Alternative associated with the implementation of the MFH Privatization initiative at CAFB, MS. Currently, CAFB has 539 existing housing units distributed among three parcels of land located on CAFB Capitol Village, Magnolia Village, and State Village. CAFB has a minimum requirement of 453 housing units. The Proposed Action is for the Air Force to convey all 539 existing housing units and associated infrastructure and utilities to a private real estate development and property management company. The Air Force proposes that the developer would then demolish 337 units and construct 251 new units. At completion of the project there would be 453 housing units at CAFB. Alternative 1, a maximum development scenario, is similar to the Proposed Action, except the developer would demolish all 539 units and construct 600 new units. At completion of the project under Alternative 1, there would be 600 housing units at CAFB. Also included in the Proposed Action and Alternative 1 is the potential construction of a 0.5-acre man-made lake approximately 5-6 feet in depth. Finally, the Proposed Action and Alternative 1 would involve the Air Force lease of the land supporting the final housing units to the developer for a period of 50 years. The developer would own all housing units and associated infrastructure. Under the No Action Alternative, the Air Force would not implement the MFH privatization program at CAFB and would continue to manage and maintain military family housing in accordance with existing Air Force policy. The Air Force would eventually demolish 86 surplus units most likely the oldest and least adequate units to reach the minimum requirement of 453 units. All demolition and construction activities would occur on CAFB property.

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