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Navy Pre-Deployment Training at Eglin AFB, Florida Final Environmental Assessment

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The purpose of the Proposed Action is to maximize the Atlantic Fleet s depth of range resources for pre-deployment training in order to increase its flexibility to conduct training. The Navy owns andor actively uses seven air-to-ground training ranges along the East Coast of the United States for training during each deployment cycle. Additional ranges owned and operated by the other military services are also used, including the ranges at Eglin Air Force Base AFB, Townsend Range, Pinecastle Range, and Avon Park Air Force Range. Each air-to-ground range offers a different set of operational capabilities to test the skills of the training aircrews. Utilizing the physical and operational attributes at an existing range, such as Eglin, helps meet the pre-deployment training requirements and needs of the Atlantic Fleet, and also develops a greater depth of resources and flexibility in training environments. An array of ranges with physical and operational differences accessible to Atlantic Fleet air forces from both the Jacksonville JAX and Gulf of Mexico GOMEX Operational Areas OPAREAs launch, fly to target, deliver ordnance, and return to carrier would improveenhance existing and future training by increasing the combat realism of the training environment i.e., different training environments and intensities of training. Ranges that differ in their geography, infrastructure, and size require the application of different tactics to achieve success in a combat situation and provide for multidimensional training. By adding to the number and types of ranges used i.e., differing geography, features, and size, the variety of tactics and weapons that can be employed would expand. This would improve the quality of air-to-ground training by avoiding pitfalls inherent in small numbers of highly predictable training scenarios.

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