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Final Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Environmental Assessment for Realignment of Nellis Air Force Base

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The Air Force proposes to implement the 2005 BRAC Commissions mandated realignment for Nellis AFB. Realignment would supplement the 57th Adversary Tactics Group complement of aircraft for two existing aggressor squadrons at the base. The 64th Aggressor Squadron 64 AGRS and the 65th Aggressor Squadron 65 AGRS would receive 5 F-16 aircraft and 18 F-15C aircraft, respectively. Currently, the missions of these aircraft at Nellis AFB are performed by aircraft and aircrews on temporary duty TDY assignment. For this reason, the realigned aircraft would not conduct additional operations at the base or at the Nevada Test and Training Range beyond those performed previously by the TDY aircraft. Beddown of the aircraft would occur in Fiscal Year 2007 FY07, FY10, and FY11. The proposed action would include construction of 11 new facilities for personnel and equipment scheduled for FY07 through FY09. Personnel increases of 464 permanently-based personnel and 60 part-time Reservists would also form part of the action. Because it is mandated by law, the Air Force must implement the BRAC realignment. Since the Air Force may supplement the BRAC action, the service considered a post-BRAC alternative. This alternative would incorporate all of the components of the BRAC realignment and provide additional aircraft construction, and personnel. Under the post-BRAC alternative, the 64 AGRS would receive an additional 8 F-16 aircraft in FY07. To support these aircraft, the post-BRAC alternative would add 45 personnel and 7 construction projects. Construction would occur in FY11. Because the additional F-16s would comprise more aircraft than previously flown by TDY aircrews performing the aggressor mission, the 64 AGRS would fly 1,400 more sorties from Nellis AFB. This Final EA analyzes the potential environmental consequences of the proposed BRAC realignment at Nellis AFB, the post-BRAC alternative, and the no-action alternative.

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  • Military Aircraft Operations
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  • Environmental Health and Safety

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