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Final Environmental Assessment: Construction of New Arnold Village Sewage Treatment Plant Arnold Air Force Base, Tennessee

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The objective of the Proposed Action would be to replace the existing facility, which has exceeded its original design life and repairs will not be approved by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation TDEC, with an upgraded facility using newer technology. The receiving water for both the existing and proposed facility is Woods Reservoir. Woods Reservoir is a drinking water source for Arnold Village and the new facility would provide an added measure of security for the drinking water source compared to the existing facility. The EA examines the potential for impacts to the environment that would result from the construction and operation of the new AVSTP. The new AVSTP would use recirculating sand filter RSF technology and ultraviolet UV light disinfection to treat domestic wastewater produced by Arnold Village. The proposed construction site is located approximately 500 feet north of the existing sewage treatment plant and is approximately 20 feet higher in elevation. Construction would occur during 2004 and the facility would be operational beginning in January 2005. The new AVSTP would occupy approximately 1.1 acres and would have a treatment capacity of 30,000 gallons per day gpd. New sewer line would be installed under North Shore Road to connect this facility to the existing discharge line that discharges to Woods Reservoir. The new facility would operate under the existing facilitys National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System NPDES permit. Unlike the existing facility, the new AVSTP would use UV light rather than chlorine for disinfection. The use of UV light as a disinfectant would eliminate the potential adverse environmental effects that chlorine could produce.

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