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Environmental Assessment: General Plan-Based Environmental Impact Analysis Process, Laughlin Air Force Base

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The Air Force proposes to relocate the Introduction to Fighter Fundamentals IFF and Student Undergraduate Pilot Training SUPT missions from Moody AFB, Georgia to Laughlin AFB, as well as implement Laughlin AFBs Capital Improvements Program CIP. The purpose of the proposed and alternative actions is to relocate the IFF and SUPT missions in accordance with BRAC legislation and construct andor modify facilities and infrastructure at Laughlin AFB 1 in direct support of BRAC requirements, 2 as a part of the overall CIP, or 3 as needed to support future mission growth and development on the installation. The projects resulting from the CIP and BRAC requirements are needed to improve the effectiveness of training enhance quality of life replace or renovate old inadequate facilities correct current deficiencies and accommodate new mission activities, personnel, equipment and aircraft. The Proposed Action would relocate 15 T-38C Talon aircraft to establish a new IFF mission at Laughlin AFB and add 14 T-6A Texan II aircraft to support the primary phase of the SUPT mission. The Proposed Action would also result in the addition of 178 full-time military and civilian personnel, as well as the implementation of CIP projects identified in the 2006 General Plan Laughlin AFB, other facility additions, alterations, and construction in support of the increase SUPT and new IFF missions. Under Alternative 1, the Air Force would still accommodate BRAC and CIP requirements in the Proposed Action but this alternative would also provide for additional installation development beyond those projects specifically identified in the Proposed Action. This would include the development of approximately 889 acres of land at Laughlin AFB. This development would result in an increase of approximately 131 acres of impervious cover, which would add approximately one million square feet of additional facility space to the installation.

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