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Environmental Assessment: Eradication of Invasive Fish Species from Pow Wow Park Pond, Malmstrom Air Force Base

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The United States Air Force USAF with assistance from the Unites States Fish and Wildlife Service USFWS proposes to eradicate illegally introduced invasive fish species goldfish Carassius auratus and white suckers Catostomus commerson from Pow Wow Park Pond on Malmstrom Air Force Base AFB, Montana. Malmstrom AFB wishes to improve the recreational fishing opportunities at Pow Wow Park Pond. But before proposed pond improvements are completed to improve dissolved oxygen and water clarity levels, efforts are needed to deal with the invasive fish problem. Eradication of the goldfish and white suckers is necessary to allow the best chance for growth and survival of trout. which are stocked in the Pond twice a year. The Air Force is required by the National Environmental Policy Act NEP A to analyze the potential effects of its proposed actions. This document describes the applicable laws, affected environment, and potential direct, indirect, and cumulative effects of the Proposed Action and No Action alternatives. The document fulfills the requirements of NEP A, Air Force Regulations, and other applicable laws and regulations. Pow Wow Park is a recreational site in the east central area of the Base. Pow Wow Park Pond is the largest water impoundment on MAFB, approximately 1. 7 acres in size. Under the Preferred Alternative, invasive species in would be eliminated from the Pond using the piscicide rotenone. Rotenone is toxic to fish, zooplankton, and many aquatic invertebrates, killing them by blocking oxygen uptake. It is generally nontoxic to most mammals and birds at concentrations used for fish.

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